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ASUS helps Origin embark on a journey of growth

We understand that fast, reliable broadband is no longer a luxury for businesses - it is seen as an essential utility along with water and electricity. Our partnership with ASUS has allowed us to provide a better service by delivering a robust product to customers and businesses nationwide.


ASUS is extremely supportive of Origin’s business targets, and has been very accommodating in our vision for future growth. Part of this support comes down to the personalised service that ASUS provides, coupled with its great value products and dedicated account managers.

For our customers on the whole, ASUS routers have been reliable, aesthetically pleasing and robust with minimal failure rates and high speed capabilities.

The routers have been well received by Origin’s customers. Kathryn Gibbins, a new customer to Origin Broadband said:

"When I received my router I was really impressed with its style and design. It was easy to set-up and works really well."

Products DSL-AC68 and DSL-AC88, with their high-tech proficiencies along with ASUS’s custom firmware approach has caused most excitement amongst both teams, however, there are other popular routers that ASUS provide us with:

Here at Origin, we are keen to diversify what we do and within the competitive landscape adding value is key. Initiatives are already underway between the two companies; this coupled with ASUS’s driven approach for new technologies and innovations makes for an exciting future.

In the next 3 years we plan on having over 250,000 routers in circulation across the UK. The team at Origin is looking forward to strengthening their relationships even further with ASUS, as two companies embark on the growth journey together.

“Our partnership with Origin Broadband has helped us understand the needs of the consumer, with this we have been able to deliver a first-class user experience for home internet users” said Baljinder Bassra – ASUS Country Product Manager.