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Unifying Communications in the Legal Sphere

Our team of Unified Communications specialists has a wealth of experience with businesses in all sectors to help improve the way they work online. In this article, we share recommendations from our Head of Business, Dion O’Byrne, on how legal firms can gain a competitive advantage by utilising a new generation of unified communications solutions.

With a deeper understanding of the key facts about the legal profession and intimate knowledge of a firm’s style of work, route to market, and business philosophy; we’re able to tailor a unified communications solution that can truly transform the performance of a business.

With over 2,000 legal firms, and 127,000 practicing solicitors contending for business in the UK, the market is more crowded and competitive than ever. Without significant changes in the strategic direction of legal firms across the country, it is harder than ever to maintain a solid market position – let alone expand. This is where the correct use of unified communications tools allow law firms to meet their challenges head-on, and manage to increase profits, raise staff morale, and boost client satisfaction.

From our experience in working with IT heads, senior partners, and business managers of legal sector clients throughout the UK, we’ve noticed common issues across many UK law firms:

  1. Undertaking work on a 'fixed pricing' basis but struggling to deliver targeted profit to firm. We have found this to be one of the easiest struggles to overcome and can be viewed as a ‘quick win’ for firms when adopting unified communications.

  2. Lower profit-per-partner (PEP). We’re able to address this through the quick return-on-investment delivered back into the company, following the deployment of new-technology. This too can be considered a ‘quick win’ for a firm that’s eager to transform its business performance.

While these pain points can seem daunting at first, we’re able to alleviate the stress by working closely with our customers on a consultancy basis, allowing us to;

  1. Demonstrate how using collaboration tools can speed up multi-employee tasks and projects, allowing for faster completion of work

  2. Calculate the return-on-investment from moving to a Unified Communications solution - giving each partner and employee a higher rate of output, increasing their profitability

From our clients experience with upgrading to unified communications, the common themes we’ve identified are that teams have become more productive, responsive, and agile – with their cases completed faster. Profits increase steadily, and clients appreciated the more efficient service received.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the points covered in this article, and how they can apply to your business, we are happy to come and meet with you and your team for a general discussion. We can showcase how using unified communications can transform your business performance. We’ll also follow up this meeting with a free report, which will highlight how a tailored solution would be of benefit to your firm.