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The battle of Broadband VS Fibre, who will win?

The 'LAN' before time

Ten years ago, 6 out of 10 households had access to the internet, fast forward to now and an incredible 9 out of 10 of us now have access to a world of online shopping, gaming and downloading.

Broadband and Fibre: you see them on TV adverts, hear them on the radio and on social media, but what's the difference? It can be a confusing time joining an internet provider with having so much choice on what's available to you. Never fear though, after reading this for the next few minutes, you'll be thanking Origin in no time for your extensive knowledge in internet connections. Remember, knowledge is power...


This stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line...or copper phone lines to you and me. The advantage of ADSL is that no special wires need to be installed, the only thing you need is a microfilter which splits phone traffic from internet data traffic. ADSL is a the basic way of getting you an internet connection, and it's the way ISPs have been doing it for decades. But what if you want something more...


It's what it says on the tin. Fibre is made up of fibre optic lines which run all the way from your local exchange to your local street cabinet, this then connects to your home by copper phones lines. It's a lot faster than ADSL because it's especially designed to support internet data traffic, and you'll get a much more reliable connection to boot. If you're in a house where you use alot of internet data, then this is for you.

Superfast Fibre

If you're wanting the best, then Superfast Fibre is top dog. To be considered Superfast, broadband needs to be at least 30Mbps. This type of broadband is delivered by a cable or fibre optic network which is usually made up of glass and plastic, which means data can move much quicker compared to copper lines which are used for ADSL. This is perfect for people and families who use multiple devices at the same time such as mobiles, laptops and iPads. Want to stream the night away on Netflix and iPlayer? Want to get your game on with all your friends online? Superfast Fibre is the way to go.

99 problems but fibre ain't one

If you're the type of person who uses the internet for the simple things in life, such as emailing and browsing websites every now and then, then ADSL is the perfect package for you. Take a look at our Origin Broadband and Line Rental with an average 11 Mbps download and a 1Mbps average upload, it's an absolute steal for just £18.00 per month and it comes with free setup!

If you're playing Fortnite nonstop, have kids who won't get off Youtube or you watch three hours of cat videos in secret every night (don't worry we won't tell...), then this is the package for you. Our Fibre Max and Line Rental is only £28.00 with unlimited downloads, an average speed of 63Mbps, an upload of 17Mbp and no setup fee, what's not to love?