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Spend less with us

According to Martin Lewis; by treating your finances as a day of work it can save you £100s or even £1000s. For many, it may take a day to do but as Martin Lewis explains 'it’d be your best paid day of the year'. After you have planned your budget, many saving guides suggest swopping those items that can that make a difference to your spend without you realising. Check out these three examples below to see how you can tighten your purse strings, even more, this year:

A cup of coffee 'in' vs a cup of coffee 'out'

An average large cup of coffee from a coffee shop is nearly £4 - this is without the cream and all the other extras. Buying a flask and making your own coffee can save you a lot of money. For even less money, you could buy a 200g jar of ‘premium’ coffee and make 110 individual cups, now that is a lot of coffee. So why not, boil the kettle and start enjoying your savings. Find out more here.

A packed lunch vs eating out

If you are partial to a McDonald's or a KFC lunch it could be costing you a small fortune. With growing costs, a midweek meal can cost around £6 and that is if you're skipping pudding. For this cost, you could buy a loaf of bread, butter, a sandwich filler, crisps and chocolate! All this could last you one full week too, just think of the savings you could make!

The average loaf of bread costs 70p, butter is £1, tuna sweetcorn is £1, 6 packets of crisps is £1.50 add a 60p* chocolate bar and this takes you to £4.80 and there is certainly more than a days' worth of lunches there!

A clear shelf vs a cluttered shelf

Why not have a day of using up those unwanted items in your cupboard? Save them before they hit the bin and a family of four could be saving as much as £60 each month. has found that there is 'a huge opportunity for all of us to cut what we spend at the checkout simply by saving more of the food we buy from the bin... and it’s a lot easier than we might think!' Read the article here.

A lot of us have those unwanted items in our home and one great way to save some money is to sell them online. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Your items could be worth a bob or two, so why not get them sold online? What a perfect way to get rid of your Christmas clutter! Our ADSL broadband package is great for getting those unwanted items onto the Facebook marketplace, just upload and away you go.