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Ready, Set...Dust!

Ready, Set...Dust!

Today marks the NATIONAL CLEAN OUT YOUR COMPUTER DAY and here at Origin, we have our feather dusters at the ready and we are raring to go!

Whether you want to spring into action and clean your whole workspace, or if you just want to take it slow and steady by deleting a few files, let us mark the event and together we will Ctrl, Alt and Delete the clutter.

The annual event first made an appearance in 2000, created by the Institute of Business Technology. To help get you into the spirit, here are our top tips when taking part:

  1. Take Ctrl and clean those keys

    Now we already know that our keyboards harbour masses of germs and bacteria however, a study carried out by Which? - a consumer organisation- found that our keyboards are FIVE times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Now if that is not enough to convince you to clean your keyboard, we don’t know what is.

  2. Have a router-round the office

    Here at Origin, we like to keep things clean and tidy everyday however, a good route around the office is an excellent way to celebrate National Clean out your Computer Day. Those old unused files that are hanging around, scrap pieces of paper, cabinets that are so crammed you’re struggling to close them...sound familiar? Have a look around your workspace and see where you can improve, clean and de-clutter.

  3. Dust the web

    Aswell as cleaning your desks and disinfecting your keyboards, grab your feather dusters and dust those cobwebs away. Remember, dusting the webs away keeps the Spiders at bay I mean, it’s not like we’re afraid of Spiders or anything, we are suggesting this purely for hygiene reasons.

  4. Have a 'browser' through your files

    This is an excellent tip for those of you who aren’t feeling as ‘hands on’. Take a look through your documents and files and delete all the unnecessary or old files, documents and emails. Not only will this free up your files and folders, it will also improve the memory and storage on your computer/device.

  5. Fresh and fibre fast

    Once the important cleaning and clearing has been done, your work space will not only look great but it will smell fresh and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to work at a fibre fast speed!

So what are you waiting for?

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate the NATIONAL CLEAN OUT YOUR COMPUTER DAY by tweeting us at @OriginBroadband or sharing with us on Facebook.

Your colleagues will be swept away (pun 100% intended) - Happy Cleaning!