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Quick Fix: My WiFi signal keeps dropping out?

The best way to improve your Wi-Fi signal is a ‘channel change’, here’s how to do this in four simple steps;


1) Wire it in!

Connect your router to a computer/laptop on a wired connection (this will bring up your router page straight away).


2) Load it up!

Open an internet browser page, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, when that’s loaded, just type in the search bar, and click enter. Next you’ll be asked for a username and password, these will both be ‘admin’ unless they have been changed previously. If this doesn't work you can use


3) Switch it over!

The network map will now be displayed on the left-hand side, look for the option that says wireless settings. On this page it will say ‘channel bandwidth’, this will be set at 20/40MHZ, please change this to 40 MHZ to make your wireless connection more stable.


4) Change it up!

On the same page look for ‘control channel’, next to the option there is yellow text saying ‘current control channel’. If this is between 1-5 set the control channel to 10, if this is between 6-10 set the control channel to 1, try the channel for 30 minutes to an hour and test it to see if this improves your connection.

Top tip: If this does not improve try the next channel (so channel 2 if it was set to 1, or channel 9 if it was set to 10), continue this until you find the best channel in your ‘home environment’.

If you're stuck and need some more help check out our video here.