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Quick Fix: How do I plug in my router?

Having trouble with your router? We've got your back

Get your equipment

You should have everything you need to get started in the box your router came in. You'll have the router itself, the power cable, a DSL cable and a microfilter. The router and power cable should be easy to recognise; one being the big black box and the other having a power plug at one end. Your DSL cable should have a clip at either end that clips into place when you plug it in correctly, and your microfilter is the small white box with a short wire sticking out of the top.

Plug it in

To start off, get your power cable and plug one end into the router and the other into one of the power sockets in your home. Once the router has power, take one end of your DSL cable and plug it into the back of your router. Then, take the other end and plug it into your microfilter. After the DSL cable is plugged in, just plug the Microfilter into your phone socket.

Test it

After the equipment is plugged in, you just have to test it. Luckily, the lights on the router can help you with this. The first light tells you if the router has power, this should be lit. The second tells you that the router is receiving a signal, this should also be lit. The third tells you that you have access to the internet, this again should be lit. The fourth tells you that you have access to Wifi, this should either flicker on and off or stay solidly lit. If that all sounds about right, you're good to go!