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Our time with St Lukes

The grand total

At our monthly employeee meeting yesterday, we announced the grand total of money raised during our partnership with St Luke's Hospice. Thanks to the dedicated work and donations from our staff, we were able to raise an amazing £1010 since we began our partnership in mid-october.

Getting involved

From our escapades in Halloween dress to the christmas calendar raffle, the foot has never been off the pedal at Origin HQ. Each and every one of our staff has got involved and made the extra effort to drive donations; making sure that we were helping an important cause while having abit of fun along the way.

Sharing the love

Representing St Lukes at the meeting yesterday, Jack Kidder had this to say about the last few months of our partnership,"It has been fantastic to work with the team at Origin Broadband. We have been so impressed by their range of fundraising activity and commitment to supporting the vital work of St Luke’s. Thank you to all of the team for their top support"

Looking to the future

Later this month, our staff will be voting on which charity we would like to partner with in the coming months. The effort our people have put in over the last few months has ensured that help is going to those who need it most. After the drive and dedication thats been shown during our work with St Luke's, we're so excited to see what the future holds.