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Our call tariffs are changing.

We take pride in giving exceptional value to our customers. It’s really important to us to provide the best possible experience at a great price. While we will always push to give the best deal to customers, sometimes we’re forced to increase the price of certain aspects of our service, in line with the rest of the industry.

While we are still one of the best value providers in the UK, we unfortunately have to make some modest price rises for some of our ‘unbundled’ pence-per-minute call charges.

Our new charges can be found here.

What are Unbundled call charges?

Unbundled charges are for calls made from your Origin landline that fall outside any add-on call package or plan that you may have with us.

For example, a customer with our Evening and Weekend calls package would not be charged for any phone call up to an hour to included numbers at 3pm on a Saturday.

They would, however, be charged at the appropriate rate for a similar call made at 3pm on a Tuesday.

I make a lot of calls, can I take a call package?

Yes! Any Origin customer can take out a call package by contacting a member of our team. Call packages can be added at any time, and can be removed after just 30 days (which is the minimum term).

Can I leave because of this?

We don’t want to lose you as a customer, and as these changes do not impact your fixed price broadband plan, you would incur a termination charge if you were to leave within your minimum term with us.