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Home Schooling Resources

Keeping kids entertained at home is hard enough, but ensuring they keep learning while the schools are closed is even harder.

We know that schools will have recommended subjects, tasks and resources to help you and that there are sites you will already be using alongside school work to supplement your child’s learning (Lexia and Symphony being two popular examples).

But what else is out there for parents who haven’t thrown in the towel and given in to Fortnite and Minecraft.

Here are some of our favourites:

BBC Bitesize

Stay Home With Origin Home Schooling Resources BBC Bitesize

This is a free resource for kids of all ages. It covers all ages (from reception to A-Level) and covers all subjects.

It also supports the National Curriculum for extra peace-of-mind. You can even tailor it to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so you know your kids are covering what they would in school.

It is delivered in bite-sized sections (the site name is a give-away here) and so can be accessed throughout the day with regular breaks when everyone has had enough.

BBC Teach

BBC Teach

This site aims to bring lessons to life for your kids and the features some of the BB's biggest brands and presenters.

BBC Teach Live Lessons are interactive programmes to support teachers (and now parents) – bringing the curriculum to life.

There are over 30 recordings of Live Lessons available, covering a range of subjects and key stages.

Collaborations with Doctor Who, Blue Planet Live, Radio 2’s 500 Words, Winterwatch and CBeebies brands Pablo and Old Jack’s Boot bring content to life and make it fun for your kids.

Plus if you log-in you can keep track of the videos you have already watched.


Stay Home With Origin Home Schooling Resources Duo Lingo

This one is all about languages and has a wide number of lessons aimed at school kids of all ages.

The lessons are given in bite-sized and easily digested chunks with quick feedback and cover both spoken and written language.

You can access the resources via the site but we would recommend downloading the app – where your child’s ability can be assessed and then contented can be tailored to their particular ability level.

It’s all free too.

The Artful Parent

Stay Home With Origin Home Schooling Resources The Artful Parent

This site is brought to us by Jean Van’t Hul, a writer and children’s art enabler. She is passionate about children’s art and that really comes through strongly on her site.

She shares ideas, inspiration and advice to encourage you to enjoy and share art with your kids. She writes about children’s art and creativity, seasonal crafts and family fun. This includes:

• Easy and fun kid-friendly arts and crafts • Unique ideas as well as tried-and-tested favourites • Hundreds of art activities to keep your family happy and creating day after day

Khan Academy

Stay Home With Origin Home Schooling Resources Khan Academy

This is a comprehensive and wide-ranging learning resource for anyone home schooling their kids.

It is worth saying that this is a US site so is structured around the US educational system – but don’t let that put you off, there is a lot of brilliant and relevant content that you’ll find really useful. And it is completely free.

Where Khan Academy is really useful is in the areas of maths and science – covering a wide range of subjects across a wide range of age and ability.

You can access the content online or via an app.