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Exercise more with us

Kicking off the New Year with exercise goes a long way! Throughout the day we are burning calories, but to boost the number of calories we do lose, a little exercise can go a long way! If you can spare over half an hour a day, these quick fixes can burn off 300 calories for you - that's an extra Galaxy caramel a day (or three apples if you'd prefer)...

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Just 1 minute worth of skipping in front of the TV watching your favourite soap, will burn 10 calories. If you can keep this up to the first advert break you could have lost 150 calories in total! Click the video below to watch more.


Taking the stairs instead of the lift can make a real difference. If you work in an office or often go out shopping why not spare the escalators, and step up those stairs instead? If you rack up 40 minutes, you will have lost over 300 calories. Now that’s a mince pie and a “purple one”. Watch this video to find out more.


Have you got an exercise bike or a good old-fashioned real one? Grab those handlebars and cycle for 45 minutes - that’s another 300 calories right there! It feels good kicking up a sweat right? It’s true what they say a healthier body leads to a healthier mind. Click below to find out more.

*Research from MyFitnesspal