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10 Family Night In Ideas For A Fun Lockdown Weekend

As we're approaching the late May Bank Holiday and have almost 'completed' EIGHT whole weeks of the lockdown, you might be wondering how to keep the kids entertained for another bank holiday weekend.

To help you out, we've come up with 10 family night in ideas to inspire your weekend activities. A mix of creativity, learning and family favourites with a twist for a fun lockdown weekend.

Family Movie Night

We're sure you've watched a TON of movies, so let's make things a little more interesting for your family movie night in. Each family member takes it in turns to choose a film. Next, get into the theme of it - snacks, drinks and even fancy dress themes depending on what you’re watching!

Watching Disney's Coco? Bring out the Nacho's, Mexican Punch and get creative with some face paint.

Games Night

Let’s get competitive! Mix it up with various rounds, for example -

Round 1: Board Games (Ludo, Articulate, Mouse Trap, Game Of Life, Cranium, Pictionary) Round 2: Card Games (Go Fish, UNO, Memory, Old Mail, Slapjack, Pairs)
Round 3: Minute To Win It Challenges - click here for ideas!

Tip: avoid games you might fall out over!

Make Kindness Rocks

All the feels. Make someone's day by sending them a handmade Kindness Rock. Lay some newspaper down ready to get arty (and maybe a little messy) with some paints! Rocks with flat surfaces are best, and you can write short messages on the reverse. Give to each other or leave on a neighbour or family members' doorstep to make them smile during lockdown.

Act Out Movie Scenes

One for the drama Kings and Queens! Choose your favourite movie scenes and plan how you might recreate them in your home, using props and costumes. Set the camera rolling and start roaring at the top of the stairs (Pride Rock) as though you’re starring in The Lion King!

No Rules Night

Let the kids, and the other half, off the hook. There's a certain level of risk involved, but no rules means no rules! Anything goes in this game. If you want to eat an entire 1kg chocolate bar while in the bath? Go right ahead.

Build a Fort

Who will be the King of the Castle? This activity brings back lots of nostalgia, but is still so much fun for children now! Be inventive and see what sort of Fort you can build. Better yet, split into teams and challenge each other to a Fort building battle.

Garden Camping

Now that the sun has been shining a little more and things are warming up, lots of us are wondering how to get that holiday feeling while in lockdown. Since we can't travel, simply bring the 'travel' to your home. Recreate the fun of a family holiday by setting up camp in the garden – marshmallows at the ready!


We’re lucky enough to be witnessing clearer skies due to less pollution, which gives us the perfect opportunity to stargaze. See how many constellations you can spot in the sky?

Check out this link for more information about how to stargaze at home.

Create a Sock Puppet Play

Collect all those odd socks that have been lying around and find something that will pass as ‘googly’ eyes! Then, put on a show with your new sock puppet characters. Whoever gets the most laughs from their show wins.

Check out this article for Sock Puppet Play Storyline Inspiration.

Games Console Tournament

Equipment Needed

Got a games console? Maybe even an ancient Sega Mega Drive that’s been up in the loft? Set up a games console tournament with your family, mixing retro with modern games and see who will be crowned the ultimate champion.

Download and print out the below 'Family Night In Ideas' to use - crossing off the activities as you go. See if you can complete them all!

Family Night In-01