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Wireless Interference

Why you experience interference

To allow you to access the internet via WiFI, your router uses high-frequency radio signals to radiate packets of information to your Wifi-enabled devices.

Like all radio signals, it's possible for them to pick up abit of interference.


What causes this?

This interference can be caused by all manner of electrical appliances. Some examples include:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Security cameras
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Cordless phones
  • Baby monitors

Wireless interference can also be caused by neighbouring wireless networks. In the UK, there are 13 wireless 'channels' which routers can use, each representing a slightly different frequency. Many modern routers will automatically detect the least congested channel and use that.

How you can avoid it

To avoid interference, try and keep your router away from devices such as the ones listed above. You could also ask a retailer specifically for devices that operate on a different frequency.

If you're experiencing issues, you can check whether your router will perform better on a different channel. This can be easily done using a tool such as the Microsoft WiFI analyzer app which can be downloaded here. Please note that these are third-party applications and are not officially endorsed by Origin Broadband.

If you can see that your router is operating on a congested channel, please click here to see how to change the wireless channel that your router is using.

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