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Unable to connect after Network Maintenance

In some rare occasions, after network maintenance, you may lose your internet connection. By following these quick simple steps, you should be able to get your connection back online:

Changing your method of connection:

If your connection with us is not fibre (FTTC), changing your connection method to us is a handy way to re-establish your connection. Follow these quick and simple steps to make this change:

  1. You will first need to access the routers interface via an internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge) with the IP address or A wired connection is recommended where possible.

  2. Once prompted to log in, the default username and password are both "admin" unless you have previously changed this.

  3. You will now be brought to the routers home page. On the left hand menu, click "WAN", you'll find this under the "Advanced Settings" header.

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  1. Now all you need to change is the "Encapsulation Mode" under "IP Universal Settings". The Encapsulation Mode should be "PPPoA VC-Mux", if your device is currently set to this then DO NOT ALTER THIS.


Forcing a reconnection:

One of the most common steps in troubleshooting, yet also the most effective. Simply switch power off to your hub at the wall. After 30 seconds has elapsed, turn the power back on to the device and allow for the router to go through it's full start up process.

If you are still struggling to get your connection back online then give a member of our friendly team a call on 03300 241 777.

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