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Outstanding Balance

Keeping us up-to-date:

You can settle any outstanding balances with us by paying, either on your portal or by contacting out team. For more information, see our Paying a bill article.

Why would I have an amount outstanding?

An outstanding balance is usually caused by one or more missed payments. This is often due to an issue with your Direct Debit. Common reasons for a Direct Debit failure include:

  • Not enough funds
  • Your Direct Debit Instruction has been cancelled with your bank
  • Your account has been moved or closed

Occasionally, our systems may not have recognised that a payment was due, and therefore we didn't take it. While we would always work with you in these circumstances, you would still be required to make the payment once we notice the mistake.

It's easy to fix any Direct Debit issue on your portal.

Please note:

Outstanding balances left unpaid could lead to debt management measures including, but not limited to, suspension of services, additional charges and further action. We only take such action as a last resort, and we're very happy to work with you.

Regularly paying by monthly Direct Debit removes the risk of these measures.

What if I'm struggling financially?

Then we're here for you. Our team are trained to find solutions and support you through this. The most important thing is that you please speak to us.

We're all human, and we all need extra support sometimes. We're here to help.

You can also get help from the Money Advice Service. Which was set up by the government to offer free, impartial advice on a range of financial issues.

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