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Our Pricing Guide

Annual Price Changes

A price increase will be applied annually in April to all your charges unless we have agreed otherwise with you. We will notify you in advance of any price increase. The price increase will be equal to a percentage of:

  • an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index rate published by the Office of National Statistics in January of that year (excluding negative rates); and
  • an additional 3.9%

As an example: The price of your services is £30 per month and the Consumer Price Index rate is 10.5% for that year. The price increase for your services will be 14.4% (10.5% + 3.9%) and the price for your services will rise to £34.32 per month.

Standard Broadband Packages

Max Fibre
During Minimum Contract £29.00º £30.00º
After Minimum Contract £29.00º £30.00º
Upfront Fee (Activation + Delivery)ºº Up to £15 Up to £15
Minimum Contact 18 Months 18 Months
Average Download Speed 36 Mbps 67 Mbps

º These are our standard prices during minimum contract (and are subject to annual inflation-linked changes). The price you pay may be less if you took a promotional offer. Please check your bill for details.

ºº Excludes any installation charges

Connection Charges

Connection charges are charged in addition to any activation or delivery charges. These charges are often referred to as "New Line" charges and occur when a new line or additional engineering work is required to activate your service. We will notify you upfront if these charges apply.

Connection Charge Up to £60

In some circumstances, it may be necessary to pass on Excess Construction Charges when work required to provide you service involves construction by one or more of our partners. All excess construction charges will be billed at cost to Origin and we will get your express consent prior to commencing any work.

Calls and Call Packages

Our Call Package standard rates:

Package Features Monthly Rental
Little Calls to any 01, 02, 03 numbers are free of charge at all times. You also get 500 UK mobile minutes free of charge £8
Large Calls to any 01, 02, 03 numbers are free of charge at all times. You also get 1,000 UK mobile minutes free of charge £11
Little plus International All the benefits of the “Little” call plan and in addition you can also make 500 minutes of calls to our 44 most popular international destinations £12
Large plus International All the benefits of the “Large” call plan and in addition you can also make 500 minutes of calls to our 44 most popular international destinations £15

For all chargeable calls and services please click here to view Origin Call Tariffs Guide.

All calls will be rounded up to the next whole minute.

Our Service Addons

Addon Features Monthly Rental
1471 Get the last number of the person who called you. There’s no need to sign up for 1471. You just need to dial it from your home phone. Return calls by pressing 3. 1471 is a free service, but if you press 3 to return a call, you’ll be charged 25p whether the call is connected or not. Free
1571 Whether you’re away from your phone or on another call, your free answer service makes sure you never miss a call. Free
Anonymous Call Reject Stay safe from bogus or unwelcome callers. Please note that this may block genuine callers who withhold their number. Please ask friends and family not to block their number when they call. £5.79
Call Barring It's time to take control of your call bills. Protect your phone from unauthorised use by setting a pin number to lock and unlock your outgoing call capability £2.50
Caller Display See the number of the person who calls. Program a friend or family member into your home telephone and you may also see their name on your compatible display. Free
Call Diversion There to help ensure you never miss an important call; Origin's call diversion will forward a call from your home line to a number of your choice. £2.50

Admin Charges

Charge Cost per Occurrence
Equipment Delivery Up to £9.99
Late Payment Fee Up to £15
Direct Debit Rejection Charge Up to £10
Non-Electronic Billing £3
Home Move Setup Fee Up to £50
Contract Admin Up to £30
Change of Package Up to £30
Recovery Interest 25% of recovery value + VAT

Hardware Cost

Device Unit Cost
Origin Hub or Router up to £120

Early Termination Charges

As with most broadband suppliers, early termination charges apply when you leave Origin within your minimum term. We charge a flat fee of 50 pence for each day remaining on your contract should you terminate your service before the end of your minimum term. This will show on your bill as “Early Termination Charges.”

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