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Call Barring

Working the gate

Call barring allows you to customise which calls you can make and receive.

Service How to use it
Bar outgoing calls Dial ∗34code#. Use relevant code from below.
Check whether outgoing Call Barring is active Dial ∗#34#
Cancel bar on outgoing calls Dial #34code∗PIN#. Use relevant code from below.
Bar incoming calls Dial ∗261#
Check whether incoming call barring is active Dial ∗#261#
Cancel bar on incoming calls Dial #261#

Pin Codes

1 - Bars almost all calls. Cancelling this option also cancels any other options you've barred.

2 - Bars calls to UK landlines, international calls and calls to mobiles.

3 - Bars international calls.

4 - Bars all operator calls and SMS text messages.

5 - Bars calls to numbers with a * or # in them (includes some call features, but you can cancel this.)

7 - Bars calls to premium rate numbers.

Sound good?

If this seems like a service you're interested in, just get in touch and we can add Call Barring to your account for £2.50 per month.

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