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Setting Up Your WiFi Network

Accessing your settings page

Open your web browser and type in '' OR '' in the web address bar at the top of the screen. This should take you to the login screen of your router's menu.


You'll be asked for a username and password, which are both set to ‘admin’ at first. If you’ve changed this, then please put in your new username and password.

Enabling the network

screenshot187 Under ‘System Status’ on the right-hand side of the first screen, you’ll be able to edit the settings of your wireless network.

Please note that if you're using our free hub, you may not have a 5Ghz option. This is normal.

Your ‘Wireless name (SSID)’ will be the name of your WiFi network. You can change this at any time, but just make sure it’s something memorable!

We recommend using ‘WPA2-Personal’ as your Authentication Method as this is the most secure option.

The ‘WPA-PSK key’ in simple terms is just your Wi-Fi passwor. Again, feel free to change this, but it’s probably best to make a note of it for when you’re connecting devices. If you do lose the password for any reason, please follow the guide here to reset it.

Select ‘Apply’ to save any changes you’ve made.

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