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These Service Terms apply to customers who subscribe to Origin and are in addition to Our Terms and Conditions. Please refer to Our Terms and Conditions for more information on what terms apply to Your contract with Us.

    1. To be supplied with Our Broadband services, You must have a cable connection that is either:
      1. for Our Superfast products, a copper phoneline connected to Network Terminating Equipment (NTE), this typically takes the form of a small white box on Your exterior wall; or
      2. for Our Ultrafast services, a fibre optic cable connected to Network Terminating Equipment (NTE), this is typically a larger white powered box on Your wall.
      If You do not have one of the connections listed above, in order to be provided with broadband services under these Service Terms, You may be asked to sign a specific document to enable us to access the property called a wayleave agreement allowing Us or one of Our partners to install, operate, or maintain the appropriate services. Any works carried out by engineers may result in a temporary disconnection.
    2. We provide Our broadband service through a hub which will be required to provide Our broadband services at Your home.
    3. Where installation or set up services are required, applicable charges may apply the details of which can be found in our Price Guide.
    1. In some cases, it may be necessary to apply Traffic Management measures to ensure consistent network performance. We reserve the right to apply any Traffic Management measure We deem necessary. Traffic Management shall mean the routing, prioritisation or blocking of data traffic transmitted across the Origin or any partner network to ensure the best quality of service is delivered to Our customers. When Traffic Management is in use, you may notice a reduction in your sync speed and/or increased latency.
    2. As stated under our Terms and Conditions (clause [13]) We are not responsible for circumstances outside of Our control and We have taken reasonable steps to prevent or minimise the impact of such matters. If there is a substantial interruption of the services for an extended period of time You may contact us to end Your services and receive a refund for any amount of time where You have not received the affected services You have paid for.
    3. Your upload and download speeds will depend on various factors, including:
      1. the type of connection to Your device, such as wired or wireless;
      2. capability of Your device;
      3. the number of connected devices to Your network; or
      4. Your home environment e.g., thick walls.
      For this reason, We manage Our network based on the speed of service to Your hub known as “Sync Speeds”.
    4. It may take up to two weeks from installation for Your speeds to stabilise. If, after this period, You’re regularly getting significantly lower download speeds, please contact Us.
  3. Ultrafast Services
    1. If You take an Ultrafast service from Us, the following terms will also apply:
      1. If Your Ultrafast service does not include telephony, You will be unable to access a phoneline and You’ll be unable to make or receive calls.
      2. If Your Ultrafast service includes telephony, this will be provided over Your broadband connection. In the event of a power outage, Your phoneline will become unavailable until Your broadband connection is restored unless You have purchased a battery backup unit.
      3. Certain features may not be available, and We will inform you about this if this is the case.
      4. Ultrafast will replace Your current broadband service if You currently take this from Us.
    1. Where applicable for Your broadband services, if you have requested Us to do so, We will attempt to transfer Your number from Your existing supplier. It will not be possible to transfer Your number if You are moving to a different geographical area.
    2. When moving home or changing services We will tell You at the time what will be applicable to Your broadband services.